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St. Charles Animal Hospital

11685 Doolittle Drive
Waldorf, MD 20602



As clients of St. Charles Animal Hospital,
you should be very proud to be going to the
ONLY AAHA Certified Animal Hospital
in all of Southern Maryland!

Last Thursday, we went through a grueling, 6 hour inspection of our hospital. 
This is an inspection that takes place every 3 years, and we do it voluntarily. 
Yes, you heard me correctly.  The State of Maryland inspects all animal hospitals
annually for minimum qualifications.  All animal hospitals must pass this State
inspection each year, or they could be shut down.  Unfortunately, that State inspection
does not tell you ANYTHING about the quality of the facility or the expertise of its staff. 
As I said, it is a check for the bare minimum requirments to be open.

The AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) is the premier organization for
only the very best hospital in the US.  Only 10% of the animal hospitals in the US are certified! 
St. Charles Animal Hospital is the ONLY hospital certified
in all of Southern Maryland!! 
Yes, that means that we are BETTER than all the rest of them!

The inspection process is very intense and all inclusive, which is why most hospitals do
not want to go through the process.  There are a total of 992 Standards that are examined! 
It is exceedingly difficult to pass all of the requirments.  If you would like to see the full list
of requirements, go to this web site:


We are very proud to have passed this inspection once again. 
We have been certified since 1993 and plan on continuing to be evaluated every 3 years. 
Many of our clients come to us BECAUSE we are Certified.  We hope that the rest of our clients
feel proud to have picked our facility for the care of their pets.  

All of us at St. Charles Animal Hospital are proud of our accomplishment
and hope to continue to provide the very best care for all of your beloved pets.