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         Underwater Treadmill

St. Charles Animal Hospital is really proud to
announce the arrival of our newest piece of equipment -
the Oasis Pro Underwater Treadmill. 
This is the best quality treadmill currently manufactured.
It is all about your pet's health!



  • Rehabilitation after joint surgeries, fracture repairs, or muscle surgeries - the level of the water is adjusted to decrease stress on the joints, while at the same time increasing the resistance on certain muscle groups.

  • Increasing muscle strength - in addition to water level adjustments, there are water jets to massage muscles during exercise, and this treadmill can be inclined to increase the muscle building.

  • Arthritic patients - Elevated water levels are used to take the stress off the joints, while allowing an increasing range of motion.  This is extremely beneficial. 

  • Weight Loss - the water's buoyancy reduces the weight bearing stress on the joints, while increasing burning of calories.